Come and celebrate the day of St. Nicholas in Restaurant Downtown with a Nikulden style carp!

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The Orthodox Church celebrates St. Nicholas Day/Nikulden/ on December 6th. The saint is honored and perceived as the patron saint of sailors and fishermen in Bulgaria from early ages. It is believed that the saint sails on a golden ship and arrives always where his miracles are needed. God has given him the power to calm down the storms and to save those who are in trouble.

Who celebrates?

Nikulden, as the folk calls this holiday, marks the end of the autumn fishing season, celebrated by fishermen and fish merchants. The usual festive fish is carp because the legend says that  when St. Nicholas was caught once in a storm and he was sinking, he managed to stop the water in his boat with a carp. According to other common believes, the carp scales should not fall on the ground, when preparing the meal. It is because this will bring illness and suffering. Carp bones, except for the head one, should be buried or thrown in running waters to multiply fertility and family well-being. In Bulgaria, Nikulden is also the name day of all whose name is Nicholas, Nikolina, Nicoleta, Nicole, Nina, Kolyo, Neno, and other derivatives.

Bankers, Nikolaos-es and all holiday fans, Restaurant Downtown will welcome you with Nikulden style carp this December 6th – book your table now!


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