Spring Recharge at Downtown Hotel

Spring gracefully stepped into to the metropolitan Downtown Hotel two days before its equinox. At a cocktail event named “Spring Recharge” on March 18, we’ve welcomed guests and admirers of polite literature to revive our senses for the new beginning. The stylish event featured delicious healthy bites and fresh cocktails for spring mood, green dress code for tonus, fascinating stories of five incredible women – role models in fashion, cinema and life. On top our partners from Colibri Books and Grazia Magazine have surprised the guests with presents for all.

Spring is life, inspiration, beauty and above all feminine. That is why our special guest of honours was the enchanting Kremena Dimitrova, Communications Director at Colibri Publishers, who has shared with us five of her favourite books. “My Five” was a revelation about dignity and grace amongst hardships and trials in the lives of Liv Ullmann, Diane Keaton, Vivienne Westwood, Mariela Gemisheva and the eternal Isabel Allende. They are living icons, esteemed professionals but above all women and mothers with doubts, insecure and fragile at times but mighty and firm when decisions are made – symbols of revival and life as Spring is.

Happy Spring!