Festive season – Joy without Stress

Get the most out of Christmas and New Year in 3 easy steps

December could be quite demanding from business and personal perspective. Here are a few tips how to get less tension while being in a more festive mood.

Tip 1: Shopping and Presents

You probably have an idea whom you want to surprise with presents this Christmas and New Year? Going to and from work could be the perfect time to think of a

list with people who are dear to you.

Once you have the people in your head, the ideas will soon start popping up. But if you need further inspiration, browsing for black Friday offers or your favourite brands is a good option. In case you seek advice or original ideas, the central shops and Christmas markets could be very inspiring – Handmade Fest NDK, 20-23 December, German Christmas Bazaar in Sofia City Garden, November 23 to December 23,or the famous Vitoshka shopping street.

Remember that Christmas shopping should be fun! So don’t leave it for the last moment as it might turn out to be an exhaustive race with your time and budgets. Start shopping early and have time to relax. And if you happen to be downtown in Sofia, drop by at the Restaurant Downtown for a hot drink or delicious meal to recharge in a cozy atmosphere.

Tip 2: Parties

Corporate Christmas parties for employees, clients and partners are quite amusing for the invitees and rather nerve breaking for the organizers. Key factors for smooth event organisation are planning, budget, and theme – more tips on this topic HERE. When you have agreed upon the format and the financial frames, start selecting venue according to your policy and requirements – inside or outside the city, type of the event, audiences, etc.

Don’t make it a one man show

but try to involve your colleagues for an inspiring team work. Organisation is fun when done by dedicated professionals. It is a standard practice at Hotel Downtown to discuss all event details with you in advance and on site for a smooth working process and better teams’ cooperation. Check our Festive party offers HERE.

Tip 3: Time for Family and Friends

Christmas is mostly associated with family.

Dedicate your time to it and enjoy!

Being together is what matters the most, regardless what you do with your family, i.e. cook your favourite meals, get lazy or play, go to a movie or concert, have a stroll around the city or up in the mountains. If you have no time for festive cooking, Hotel Downtown has a solution for you – just check our Christmas Eve Family Menu or Christmas Menu HERE and decide whether you’ll order it for home or visit our restaurant.

New Year’s perception is partying with friends – in town, on the mountain or at the seaside. It’s you and your friends that matters. So, make sure you are all on the same festive track and let the New Year’s Eve be the unforgettable one. And if you feel like staying in or visiting Sofia, have a look at Hotel Downtown’s New Year’s package offers HERE!

Hotel Downtown wishes you happy holidays and a successful 2019!