Stag weekend in Sofia

Do you want to spend an unforgettable bachelor party? Do you want to organize the best bachelor party for your friend? Well, Sofia might be one of the best destinations for your stag weekend. Why is it so? Let’s start counting

European destination

Usually for such parties you prefer to pick a destination which is a bit away from your home. At the same time the cost and flight duration to exotic destinations are not to be underestimated. Sofia scores the perfect balance here as it is the furthest of the south east European countries and yet part of the EU since 2007.

Cheap flights to Sofia

Flight costs are usually the most expensive part of an abroad trip budget. Luckily not only many low cost air companies are flying to Sofia but some of the airlines operate several flights a day, especially in the summer period. You can find more links and info about cheap flights to Sofia in our post.

Safe destination

Considering the nature of a bachelor party and the amount of alcohol your friends can drink per night, everyone’s safety is an important topic to cover. Of course safety depends to a big extend on the “sober” decisions you take… Still Sofia is quite a safe place, the majority of the young generation speaks English and is friendly to foreigners. Just in case bear in mind the European Emergency number valid for Bulgaria as well – 112.

Cheapest drinks in Europe

This fact is really unbeatable! In general food and drinks are not expensive compared to western European countries. But you might get pleasantly surprised if you go to one of the bar-cowling destinations on the Bulgarian seaside. Just be careful with the typical grape brandy – rakia. Be aware that it is really strong – probably this is the reason why locals have it while eating salad. Bulgarian cuisine is very delicious – you can see some of our restaurant picks close to hotel Downtown Sofia here.

Most beautiful central European women

One more fact which is difficult to beat. The beauty of Central European women is significant and Bulgarian girls contribute a lot to it. Beauty is all around – brunettes, blondes, tall, small, etc.

And last but not least – NIGHT CLUBS… This is the salt and pepper of your stag weekend in Sofia. Believe it or not there are hundreds of clubs for every taste. Piano bars, disco clubs, strip bars, Irish pubs, sport bars, folk clubs,– you name it.

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