Restaurants in Sofia

Another reason to fall in love with our beautiful country is the cuisine. It is exceptionally diverse and delicious with various salads, breadstuffs, stews and other local dishes. Products like yogurt and white brine cheese are unique and defining. Many of the dishes are prepared according to traditional recipes handed down from generation to generation over the centuries.

Grape growing and wine production have also a long history in Bulgaria. Wine culture is dated back to the times of the Thracians. Wine is, together with beer and grape rakia, among the most popular alcoholic beverages in the country. These are almost always present on Bulgarian tables including the restaurants in Sofia.

Apart from the traditional Bulgarian cuisine type of taverns you can  find lots of contemporary European restaurants in the beautiful capital of Bulgaria as well. Prices vary from really cheap but delicious places, to posh and impress-girl-friend gourmet restaurants in Sofia. There is a room for everyone and for every taste – from cozy places with  homemade dishes for students to perfect business dinner restaurants. Just don’t forget to book…

Here is a list of our best choices near Hotel Downtown Sofia:

Walking distance Restaurants in Sofia

Hadji Draganovite Izbi

The Hadjidragana tavern. The restaurant, located in Sofia center, offers Bulgarian national cuisine and live folklore music in a unique atmosphere of an old cellar – all hand-made.

Cuisine: Traditional Bulgarian
Price tag: Moderate
Address: 18, Hristo Belchev street
Phone number+359 2 981 81 48

Aubergine restaurant

Aubergine. Hidden in a small street next to the National Palace of Culture, this restaurant offers intimacy in a private dinner own room for up to 10 people. You can sit as well at the mingling areas to see and be seen. Its specialties are a variety of salads, appetizers and main dishes. Guess which is the featured vegetable?

Price tag: Moderate
Address: 11 Carnegie Str.
Phone number+359 88 999 1867

Sun Moon - one of the vegetarian restaurants in Sofia

Vegetarian restaurant Sun Moon. Really delicious homemade vegetarian cuisine combined with freshly baked bread by special recipe. This is the recipe for success of the small vegetarian restaurants chain.

Price tag: Moderate
Address: 39 “September 6” street
Phone number+359 899 138411

Cosmos restaurant

Cosmos Designed by really talented and experienced Bulgarian interior designers Cosmos is a trendy place to meet and eat in Downtown Sofia.

Price tag: Moderate
Address: 19 “Lavele” street
Phone number+359 888 200700


Gelateria Confetti- This place has more than 50 types of homemade Italian gelato and not only. You can have a soup, pizza or a fresh salad before. We strongly recommend the summer garden.

Price tag: Moderate
Address: 4 “Graf Ignatiev” street
Phone number+359 2 988 4444

La Bottega restaurant

La Bottega Centro. Italian restaurant that offers to  customers cozy atmosphere, fine Italian cuisine, special care and attention from its personnel.

Price tag: Moderate
Address: 31 “Han Asparuh” street
Phone number+359 88 576 0706