Transportation in Sofia

Public transportation in Sofia is one of the cheapest in Europe. Bulgarian capital is proud to have one of the cleanest subways in Europe. It is relatively new with only two lines at the moment, which cover the entire city including the airport.

Anyway, if you are staying at Hotel Downtown Sofia you are hardly going to need any transportation since all major landmarks are within walking distance. Still if need transport we can recommend the following options:

Public transportation

Tram Sofia

You can use buses, trams, trolleys and subway. Single trip ticket costs less than one euro. If you plan to use several lines it is better to purchase a daily pass for all lines, which is about 2 Euro. Take note that public transportation in general is not a 24h service, although there are several night lines as well.

Check out Sofia Traffic’s website for useful information regarding routes and schedules, nighttime transportation lines, subway schedules, interactive map and more.


Subway transportation in Sofia

Sofia’s Metropolitan is owned by the Sofia Municipality. It provides quick and safe transportation. The stations are new and clean. Although the lines are only two they cover all major key areas including downtown area and the airport. Sofia of today reaches almost 2 M population, including commuters. Having quick and safe rail public transportation is crucial to avoid traffic jams, especially during rush hour.

The average distance between the stations is 1000 meters. With capacity of 50 thousand passengers per hour,  daily carried passengers are 1.2M. You can find general scheme of the Subway here. Normally at the last stations of the subway there are big 24h car-parking. So if you don’t want to drive in the city traffic – you can simply park your car and get the Subway.

Taxi services

Taxi in Sofia

The situation with the taxi services is not that straightforward. Normally taxis are really cheap, but you have to be careful not to be ripped off with really high tariff. Taxi from the one end of the city to the other should not be more than 20 Euro, depending on the traffic. That is why we recommend using one of the two biggest companies in Sofia:

OK supertrans offers rent-a-taxi service, which is suitable for city explorers. You can rent-a-taxi for minimum 3 hours for about 25 Euro and travel around with ease.

Yellow 333 offers Mobile application to book cab easy and comfortably.

Payment with credit card is possible, but please don’t forget to ask this in advance.

Rent-a-car and Parking

All major rent-a-car companies operate in Sofia as well. Europcar, Hertz, Avis, FireFly etc. have their offices at the airport and you can easily get your car and enjoy the city. What you need to know for the parking in Sofia is that downtown Sofia there are two parking zones Blue and Green. Vehicles may be parked in the Blue and Green Zones short stay parkings only in line with the instruction signs and only in the designated areas. After the permitted time has expired, the vehicles are being removed by tow truck. You can pay your parking via SMS and with Talon (which you need to buy from people wearing green safety jackets around the zones).