Carmela Greco was our special guest

Кармела Греко Carmela GrecoCarmela Greco – a world-famous performer, choreographer and flamenco dance instructor, was a special guest in hotel Downtown in April. The remarkable dancer held flamenco classes and presented her show following the invitation of Instituto Cervantes Sofia in cooperation with Jazz Plus Concerts.

Carmelo Greco is among the top and most exciting flamenco dancers. Daughter of the great dancers José Greco and Lola de Ronda, she has learned not only the art of fine dance from her parents but also the gift of transferring that flamenco emotion onto her students. She conducts dance classes throughout Spain as well as at flamenco festivals in New Mexico, Miami, New York, etc. Together with Antonio Gabarri (guitar) and Enrique Gabarri (vocals) Carmela performs some of the most typical flamenco songs such as soleá, bulerías, alegrías, tangos, tarantos.