In a special session “My Five” Kremena Dimitrova, Director Communications in Colibri Publishers, will tell you a story in words and visuals about five incredible women-icons from cinema, fashion and life – Liv Ullmann, Diane Keaton, Vivienne Westwood, Mariela Gemisheva and Isabel Allende.

Kremena Dimitrova Кремена Димитрова
Liv Ullman Лив Улман

Liv Ullmann

By gdcgraphics

Diane Keaton Дайън Кийтън

Diane Keaton

By es:Ruven Afanador

Vivienne Westwood

By Mattia Passeri

Mariela Gemisheva

By mag. Your Business

Isabel Allende

We have a colour code for the evening to make the event even more inspiring and festive


Every green accessory, make-up or piece of cloth is your ticket to the event raffle with great prizes.

All participants will receive – presents from GRAZIA magazine, discounts from Colibri books’ and Restaurant Downtown to use throughout this spring.

Event ticket: 39.90 BGN per person

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